Safety is paramount

CLV-Guard is a vision system with people-in-motion detection function.

CLV-Guard is designed to assist the operator in his daily work. It monitors the area around the forklift truck, increasing safety. The people-in-motion detection function alerts the operator to danger from people moving around the forklift truck.

It signals the presence of a moving person in the danger zone to the user in a multifunctional way

  • a sound signal from the monitor
  • display on the monitor of rectangles marking persons
  • red light signal from LED bar

Slowdown function

CLV-Guard also allows you to slow down your vehicle to a user-specified speed when a hazard is detected.


The CLV-Guard vision system is designed for use on forklift trucks, construction machinery and other heavy industrial vehicles.

The camera can be mounted at the rear, front, and sides of the machine.

The detection zone

The detection zone covers 0.5 to 15 meters and is configurable according to user preference.
Beyond the choice of zone length, it is also possible to adjust the shape and width of the zone.

System components

7” FHD Monitor

FHD 140° Camera

LED bar

Optional system expansion

Additional cameras
(maximum total of 4)


LED bars


For the avoidance of doubt, Stabautech informs that the CLV-Guard vision system being the subject of this presentation is intended to increase safety in pedestrian traffic at the plant of the Customer – User.

Functioning of the system does not release pedestrians and persons driving vehicles from the responsibility for disobeying the rules of safety in vehicle traffic, in force at the plant, and Stabautech will not be liable for damages resulting from violation of these rules!



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