CLV-AntiCollision is a custom-made anti-collision system for forklifts and other vehicles.

CLV-AntiCollision mounted on vehicles detects their presence, in relation to each other, thus minimising the possibility of a collision.

The system uses UWB technology, which is characterised by high-precision operation.

The range of the detection zone can be set up to 15 metres around the vehicle.


The 360-degree operating range eliminates blind spots during the forklift operator’s work and automatically triggers predefined actions, e.g.:

  • automatic slowing down of the vehicle
  • alerting the operator to a potential collision by means of a light and/or sound signal.

Speed Zoning

System can be extended to include a slow-down function in a defined zone, i.e. CLV-AntiCollision Speed Zoning.

By installing Anchors in a specified area, at particularly hazardous locations, we can define a zone in which we trigger the slow-down function of each forklift equipped with an Anchor.

Places particularly exposed to the risk of collision are intersections and crossing gates.


CLV-AntiCollision AREA is a system for defining the areas in which CLV-AntiCollision will operate.

If two or more forklift trucks are located in a marked zone at a dangerous distance from each other, a predefined signal, e.g. slowing down, will automatically be triggered. Outside the marked zone, CLV-AntiCollision will not function, i.e. the signal will be deactivated.

Multiple zones can be designated.


CLV-AntiCollision AREA+ offers the possibility of specifying ‘Primary’ and ‘Secondary’ vehicles.

The predefined signal will be called on a secondary vehicle if it is in the zone of a primary vehicle.

On the other hand, if two secondary vehicles are close to each other in the defined zone, then the signal will not be triggered – the signal will be inactive.


For the avoidance of doubt, Stabautech informs that the CLV-AntiCollision system being the subject of this presentation is intended to increase safety in vehicle traffic on the premises of the Customer – User.

Functioning of the system does not release the operators and drivers driving the vehicles from responsibility for not obeying the traffic safety rules in force on the premises of the plant, and Stabautech will not be held responsible for damages resulting from violation of these rules!

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