Real-time forklift location system

Authorised project of a Polish brand Indoorway

CLV-IndoorNavi is a complete system for optimizing processes and improving security within a company.

The solution is based on UWB technology, which is characterised by very high accuracy and speed of data transfer.

CLV-IndoorNavi provides monitoring i.e. real-time tracking of forklifts and other vehicles, people, including visitors, objects and other assets with a very high degree of accuracy.

  Real-time monitoring of vehicles and persons
  Optimisation of resource consumption in the company
  Analysis and possibility of reducing time of performed tasks
  Optimisation of storage space usage
  Easy integration into existing systems

Real-time monitoring
Constant monitoring of forklift trucks improves safety and reduces the risk of accidents. The system detects and notifies of potential collisions.
CLV-IndoorNavi enables the monitoring of subcontractors and visitors through the designation of attendance zones, control of working hours in defined zones. Determining routes to reach a destination and controlling access to excluded zones.
In addition, the system makes it possible to determine the exact position of an ongoing order. Tracking of completed orders, determining the shortest route to the products. Monitoring the position of the finished packet in the warehouse.
Optimisation of resource consumption
Enables analysis of objects’ flow, including forklift traffic. Monitoring of critical traffic zones and improvement of forklift traffic. Ability to reduce unnecessary site traffic while maintaining or improving logistics processes.
The Spaghetti Diagram
Enables analysis and optimisation of the actual forklift working cycle, calculation of actual route lengths, reduction of task completion time. Improves the time taken to reach products.
Safety in the company
The CLV-IndoorNavi system recognises sudden accidents of the monitored forklift trucks, e.g. a collision, and people, e.g. a fall. In such a situation, the system sends a notification of the event.
Integration into existing systems
✓ Time management
✓ Determination and monitoring of tasks
✓ Integration of access control systems, e.g. RFID
✓ Internal company status overview
✓ Integration with CLV-Archive system
System components
A tag mounted on a forklift sends a location signal to an anchor.
CLV-IndoorNavi is based on a custom CRM application.
The system is installed on a physical LAN server.
CRM app

Individual customer care*
✓ Support in daily system maintenance
✓ Priority in service requests
✓ Email and telephone consultations
✓ Application and software updates
✓ Quick response time
*for more details ask your forklift company sales consultant

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